Real Racing 3 for PC Download Windows 7/8 Tutorial

Hello friends I’m going to share here a wonderful guide on how to download Real Racing 3 for PC which is going to be simple and I’m sure you will love playing this game.

I called this guide wonderful because of the fact that this game is wonderful and very addictive and you can get an idea of that by just knowing that it got millions of active users.

Game is developed by EA Mobile developer which is among the Top Developer of the Google Play store and you can easily find your friends playing this game as well.

I’m going to share features of it first to let you know about it and later I’ll share the installation instructions which will work on any Windows computer (7 and 8 version).

real racing 3

Features – Real Racing 3 game

I’m starting sharing features of this game down here so that you can at least know what it’s all about before actually getting it installed and then regretting for the decision.

  • The elements in the game are just like the name of the game i.e. REAL. Everything in the game there is real like car, race tracks and even the characters.
  • Yes, you will be joining the game server and then you can play it with your own face. You can also join multiplayer option where you and your friends can start playing together online.
  • Graphics performance is of HD quality and so does the sound effects which are inspired by real life visuals and racing sound effects.
  • Plenty of race events are there for you and once you complete them all then you can play it with your friends which never get an end.

real racing 3 for pc

Real Racing 3 for PC Download guide

Now in this part over here I’m sharing down the installation instructions which you need to follow. You need to go through following sets of steps as mentioned down here but make sure that the graphics driver version of your PC is updated to its latest version.

  1. First thing to do is to download Andy software from its official website over here. It’s an Android emulator.
  2. Now you need to install the software you downloaded just now. You can complete the installation by following simple instructions and you won’t find much trouble.
  3. Once software is ready then you need to set it up. Then start Google Play store app.
  4. Once app is running then using its search tool, find out Real Racing 3 Android game.
  5. As you found the game in the search results then you need to click on ‘Install’ option in front of the game to start its automatic download and installation process.

This is it! You’re done with the installation process now and I hope that you love playing this pretty awesome game on your computer. I also hope that you share this Real Racing 3 for PC download guide with your social friends over Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

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